Blueberry Patch Campground |Backbone Horse Camp | National Forest RV Camping In New York

Blueberry Patch Campground in New York, within the Finger Lake National Forest was a small and secluded campground that we couldn’t fit in. Luckily just down the road was an overflow camp called Backbone Horse Camp.

Keep in mind we have a 23 ft travel trailer and an extended full sized van. Blueberry Patch Campground was a nice campground and had plenty of spaces. We tried to back into 2 different spaces, but due to our lack of experience … we weren’t able to fit into any of the sites.

The roads had a decent drop on either side and the van got close to dropping in a couple times. One site in particular had enough room for the RV, but after a number of tries, we opted to not get stuck and moved on.

Backbone Horse Camp is right down the road, like 500 meters close. This is a campground specifically set up for Horse Campers. I didn’t know that was a thing, but cool.
My understanding is that until very recently this camp was exclusive to people with horses. There are still sites that say “Horse Camping Only”. We grabbed a site that didn’t have that sign and backed on in.
The site had a few level spots and the back in was relatively simple. It’s a nice grassy site with a fire ring and hitching posts.

We had two bars of Verizon LTE, and sun for about half the day (for solar). There are both completely shaded and full sun sites here.

If you can fit and they are both great camps if you want to hike and explore the area. It’s about 30-40 minute drive into Ithaca, NY for supplies and laundry.