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Yard Sale

Click To Use The Amator’s Amazon Affiliate Link! Scott keeps telling me to write the blog posts like I’m writing to my closest girlfriends (Sticky, C, The Aviator, Seven… + 10 more).  Look, I’ll tell you right now that’s not gonna happen.  Out of respect for my mom and dad who didn’t raise a lady […]

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We’re Found!

Oh my…. you guys…. oh my. It feels like we just made the big leagues. Ok, maybe not the big big leagues. It’s possible we made the amateur leagues… or at least division A college level. Whatever. We’re on a roster. We got put on a list.  One of the blogs I follow puts out […]

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Original 1 pager

Nothing says old school quite like the original pamphlet.  We’re featured on page 3. 1985Winnebago For more details about the set-up, check out the ’86 guide. 86-Chieftain-bro Still looking for the original owners manual…

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