Women: How To Pee Standing Up! Go Girl!

Women can pee standing up these days.  Go Girl! Take a sec to think about that… what a great time to be alive.

The Problem

When I had to go to a public toilet as a kid, my mom taught me to wipe down the toilet and then carefully lay out strips of paper on the seat. Then she showed me the famous “position”: swinging over the toilet in an almost seated position with no body contact (painfully difficult to maintain, by the way, when your bladder is about to burst). The ‘position’ accompanies you throughout life.

One day, you go out with friends. Inevitably your bladder says enough.  You head out in search of a toilet. You come across a queue of women. Found it!

When you finally get in, the first thing you realize is that the lock stopped functioning eons ago. A quick survey confirms what you already know – the floor is full of mystery liquids. Super gross.  You look for a hook to hang your bag.  There is never anything helpful.  You hang your bag around your neck.

As there is no latch, the only option is to hold the door with one hand while the other lowers your pants.  You get in the ‘position’. Your thighs begin to tremble because you are suspended in the air with your legs bent,  your arm stretched against the door and a bag hanging from your neck. A spell of miscalculation sprinkles your feet. You look for the roll of toilet paper, but there is none. You remember you have a Kleenex in your bag so you release the door a moment. Someone pushes.  You get out a little shout of BUSY!  Fed up, you dress in a hurry and open the door, trying to touch as little as possible.


The next time you might get clever and visit the bathroom with girlfriends; one to handle the bag and the coat, the other holds the door (and maybe another passes the Kleenex under the door).

You might try to urinate less frequently to avoid visiting public toilets. Before leaving home, you have to remember to pee. When you return the first thing you do is to run to pee. (Side note: Holding pee is unhealthy and can lead to cystitis problems.  Don’t do it.)

Question: Would you have preferred to pee standing; like the men.

Bet you haven’t given that one any serious consideration.  

It wouldn’t matter how the toilet is; whether it’s in a cocktail bar or a gas station, whether you’re in high school, university or it’s a portable toilet at a concert or at carnivals, if you’re on a work trip, on holiday or at parties in your town.  Now that you’re thinking about, it sounds oddly like something logical and… possible.  But how?!

The Solution

It was a matter of time before anyone thought of a system that allowed women to urinate standing up to avoid uncomfortable and dangerous situations for health and mental health.  The idea emerged in 1999 in Holland and then became popular in the United States.

There are several tools on the market (see what I did there?! double entendre).  The product I recommend, it is called GoGirl. It is a kind of funnel, made of flexible medical silicone and is hypoallergenic. Two colors to choose: an electric rose that is sure to catch the attention of any casual observers (and you’ll be high-fived for your creativity), and a khaki camouflage. (for those ladies who prefer to fly under the radar).  It is rolled up in a hygienic tube that occupies little more space than a lipstick, with a sachet and two hygienic wipes for cleaning if there is no running water and soap by hand.

Before I found this, I found myself in a lot of bad situations (read more here).  Now it’s a staple in my purse.  Think I’m kidding?  Give it a shot and you’ll be a convert too. Buy GoGirl here.  It’s only $10.

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