RV Security

Are you prepared?  

Security awareness is critical for a full-time family of four adventuring around the U.S. for a year of exploration, learning, relaxing and fun.

So let’s talk about security.  No… wait… don’t go.  I know it’s not always the most topic to discuss.  Once I brought my mother-in-law close to tears (not recommended) talking about her personal security as a traveling masseuse.  I promise I won’t do that to you.  It doesn’t have to be a scary conversation.  In fact, after we have it, you should really feel pretty good – more empowered – more ready to look after yourself and your family.

The good news is that (hopefully) nothing bad has happened {yet}.  In the best case scenario, you’ll spend the next few minutes reading this, contemplate your own circumstances, maybe make a few adjustments based on my insightful (and often witty) commentary and then never reflect on it again.  That’s still a win.  It’s not a waste of a few minutes.  You may have just made one of the best investments in your future travel that you can make.  We can’t know for certain either way, of course.  But isn’t just a few minutes of time worth the possibility of being more prepared?

Personal security and its conjoined twin, preparation, are an often neglected element of responsible travel.  Nothing can ruin a meaningful experience faster than a purse snatching or the creepy crawlies you get when you think someone is watching you and you don’t know the motivation behind it.  Thankfully it doesn’t happen often.  It happens less often to those who have an awareness of their circumstances and confidence in their ability to react appropriately.

I advocate setting yourself up for success, purposefully being mindful of the situation periodically or when there’s cause for concern and then hauling off and enjoying the heck of whatever adventure lies ahead.  There is no reason to be a nervous nellie and you certainly don’t need to dwell on “security” like you’re going to be mugged around every corner.  That would totally kill the buzz of discovery and living in the moment.

There’s too much to say in one article, so I broke it up.  I cover a checklist for items we maintain in the RV, a checklist of items we have on our person when we take the kids out and about exploring and a offensive (vice defensive, not insulting) piece call “Safe Kids at the Campground – Mom’s Intuition + Special Operations Gut” to help us sort out what to look for in terms of safety when you pull into a campground:

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[Click to download lists]

    • Items in the RV 
    • Items we carry with us
    • Safe Kids at the Campground – Mom’s Intuition + Special Operations Gut


    Trading tips and playing the powerful “what would I do if” is an ongoing conversation.  Hit me up if you’re interested in discussing further.