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The #1 question we get asked by almost everyone: how did you do it?!  How did we decide to take[...]
How We Make A Living While Traveling Fulltime
Lots of people ask us "How do you make a living?" or "How do you make money?" once they find out[...]
10693 Miles in 3 Months at 5.3 Miles/Gallon
"If I wanted to... emphasis on IF.... what would it cost to me live in an RV for 3 months?!"[...]
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Ayothaya, Ayutthaya, Ayudhya Thailand

Evie to me, “Why do people keep wanting to take my picture?”  Me, “No idea.  Maybe they like oddball looking people around here. ”  Eye roll, tongue out.  You'll thank me someday, Evie. When it was time to leave Lisa and Joe in Bangkok, things got real local real fast. To be clear, this is a scouting trip.  We aren't on a normal "vacation".  Here's the question [...]

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Arriving in Thailand

If I have a superpower, it’s picking the cream of the crop when it comes to friends.  Seriously.  It’s my strength.  (I also collect weirdos, misfits and creatives so... you know... if you’re reading this and we're buds, just know you fall into one of those 4 fun categories.) The difference between getting off a plane and heading to a hotel and heading to a home is ni [...]

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Bangkok By Way Of Istanbul

We're a traveling family.  It's been hard to find anything to write about that is even remotely related to travel... since we haven't really been doing much of it for the past year.  That all changes today.  Our hang-out-at-home streak is broken. Bangkok.  I've had my eye on you for some time now. We took a night flight out of Boston Logan and laid over in Istanbul, T [...]

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About Homeschooling

When I was young (naive/immature/hadn't traveled), I assumed homeschooled kids were weirdos.  I'd only known 2 and they were being raised in the Jehovah's Witness religion.  They had a unique way about them.   I extrapolated that to all homeschoolers. To myself, "Oh my goodness, never.  Why would anyone do that to a kid?" I also have it on good authority from multip [...]

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