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The #1 question we get asked by almost everyone: how did you do it?!  How did we decide to take[...]
How We Make A Living While Traveling Fulltime
Lots of people ask us "How do you make a living?" or "How do you make money?" once they find out[...]
10693 Miles in 3 Months at 5.3 Miles/Gallon
"If I wanted to... emphasis on IF.... what would it cost to me live in an RV for 3 months?!"[...]
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First we share the business resources we use to manage or blog and business from the road. Further down are[...]

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Writing From “Hell Froze Over”, Barbados

Despite my best intentions and a lovely picture in my head of hopping around the globe with nothing but backpacks and a sense of adventure, not having a local "home" is rough.  That $%^&# is hard work!  If Thailand taught me 1 thing, it was that we need a base of operations.  It could be a house, an RV, a boat, a tent.  I don't care.  But we have something. Our "being" [...]

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Holetown, Barbados

"Ouch!  Direct hit!  Nailed me in the arm!" Me to Evie. We were in a game of dodgeball-lite, using little green apples we found on the beach. Me to Scott, "Incoming on your 8!" He narrowly avoided a lobbed apple from Jack. The beach is a 5-minute walk for our little rental in Holetown Barbados.   The commercial catamarans come in every evening with a boatload of to [...]

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Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Bluenose Inn

While listening to Bill play live piano music in an old world lounge in the Bluenose Inn in Bar Harbor on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic, I have certain expectations for how the kids will comport themselves.  I'm normally very liberal with how they go about exploring their world (read: Grandmom suffers regular mini heart attacks - so does Scott - and I endure a lot of those [...]

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Baxter State Park: Middle of Nowhere Maine

By the light of a cozy campfire I read out loud, "I started to run and found I couldn't, because of the boulders; that made me frantic and I climbed over them like a cat and yelled and shouted and cried all the time.  I yelled for my dad.  I climbed up as high as I could on a big rock and screamed for him - then I waited.  No answering shout - nothing - just the noise of th [...]

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