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The #1 question we get asked by almost everyone: how did you do it?!  How did we decide to take[...]
How We Make A Living While Traveling Fulltime
Lots of people ask us "How do you make a living?" or "How do you make money?" once they find out[...]
10693 Miles in 3 Months at 5.3 Miles/Gallon
"If I wanted to... emphasis on IF.... what would it cost to me live in an RV for 3 months?!"[...]
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Chiang Mai Night Market

Our final days in Chiang Mai were spent walking the city, finding parks and pools to play in, touring the traditional paper parasol making area and getting over to the night market.  Scott doesn't like a big busy crowd, so we avoided it when it was likely to be a max capacity.  These were nice, slow days.         [...]

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That Bird Disease: Cheap-Cheap-Cheap

Scott to me, "I don't know what it is, but my feet hurt.  The salt in the pool is stinging for some reason."  Me, "Oh, I know what it is!  You're cutting your feet on the tiles."  Him, "Come again?"  I pointed to the signs posted every 3 feet around the pool: TILES ARE SHARP! BEWARE! ONLY USE THE LADDERS TO EXIT THE POOL.  In general, I'm a rule follower.  My feet were f [...]

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Elephants And The Karen Tribe

When things are going sideways, I'm usually thinking ahead to how I'm going to explain it to the Grands in a way that it doesn't sound like we're totally reckless with their grandkids. "But it sounded like such a good idea before we got up here," just wasn't going to cut it.  Jack's bare bottom was hovering about an inch off of the elephant's head.  We were so high up we had [...]

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Trying New Things In Northern Thailand

"I like it," said Evie.  "Me too," said Jack because Jack always says me too no matter what Evie says... for now.  Internal eye roll from me.  My whole being was crying out, "I can't stand this ****," but I slapped a smile on my face and tried to fake cool confidence.  "Great!  Wow! What an experience!  You'll have to tell Nate about the time you let fish eat you instead [...]

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