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Eating Lifestyle

Click To Use The Amator’s Amazon Affiliate Link! I’ve been rather candid about our desire/attempts to eat healthy.  I wouldn’t say anything has changed with respect to our desire, but something big has changed with respect to our motivation.  Money is now on the line.  A lot of it.  Buckle up. What lit the fire […]

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Answering The Number One Question We Get

Understandably, we field a lot of questions these days.  I get it, we’re weirdos.  No issue (and generally I get a kick out of them).  There’s one that comes up consistently in almost every conversation.  Based on my uncanny powers of deduction, people are interested in how we’ve solved this piece of the puzzle.  I’ll […]

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Bon Voyage, Karen

No two ways about it, yesterday sucked.  I admit it…. I had the feels. 😢 I don’t like being attached to things… but there are some things that are just that special: anything my dad wrote by hand, my great-grandmother’s ring that I wear when I need her joie de vivre, the nudie art sketch my non-biological grandmother had […]

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Lazy Summer Days

Now that Super Scary July is over, we’re into Adjustment August.  Scott and I still feel a little bit like, “Really?  Is this really happening? Ok…” Scott is busy working on the ad agency.  A couple of weeks ago he started offering a $1 Facebook Ads Audit.  When someone purchases an audit, he is given […]

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